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If you’re a resident of Mr. C residences condos for sale, you’ll discover the quaint neighborhood offers a range of choices when it comes to getting outdoors. With the spectacular waterfront setting, the list of activities do in the neighborhood revolves mostly outdoors. 

After all, the Bohemian neighborhood has extensive green space, running pathways, and bike trails that attract fitness enthusiasts. Unlike most of Miami, the neighborhood’s main dining, shopping, and outdoor attractions are extremely walkable. If you’re a visitor in Miami and are wondering what to do during summer in the city, this list is worth checking out.

Vizcaya Museum
Located on Biscayne Bay, the Italian Renaissance-style gardens and villa features European antiques and decorative art that span the 16th to the 19th centuries. You can stroll there from Mr. C residences condos for sale for a magical outdoor experience during summer. You’ll enjoy the serenity of the gardens where lush mazes, thick columns, and classical statues lend to the European aesthetic. 

Numerous architectural elements merge in an integrated space where you’ll also find rare orchids and palms infusing the palatial Mediterranean vibe. It’s worth noting that Vizcaya frequently hosts free programming for festive events and families.

Coconut Grove Organic Market
Residents of Mr. C residences can nourish their bodies with fresh produce from various local vendors. For instance, you can enjoy revitalizing ice cream sandwich, vegan mushrooms, and other tasty items. Every week, an unoccupied corner transforms into a full-fledged market featuring dozens of vegetable and fruit stands, a raw of salads and prepared foods and coolers with cold-pressed juices. 

You can stroll from Mr. C residences condos for sale to the market where you’ll find picnic tables on which you can sit and enjoy vegan ice cream. You’ll come across vendors selling handmade jewelry, homemade soaps, honey, and other artisanal items. 

David T. Kennedy Park
The fascinating waterfront park features cycling/walking trails, fitness equipment, and a dog park. If you’re seeking motivation to work out, this park offers the ideal solution. You’ll particularly enjoy exercising in an environment where everybody around is virtually exercising. 
Afterward, you can enjoy refreshing lemonade from A.C.’s truck. You’ll find the green space used widely by the community for exercise, sports, and all kinds of outdoor pursuits. During the weekends, residents from Mr. C residences can enjoy free yoga while pet owners can take advantage of the dog park with sufficient seating, a bike trail, and an exercise course. 

Mayfair Hotel and Spa
The stunning outdoor/indoor hotel features a rooftop pool and a wellness facility. If you’re thinking of an overnight stay, you might want to book a balcony room featuring an outdoor Jacuzzi. However, if you simply plan on staying a couple of hours, then consider a spa treatment and finish your day by soaking at the upstairs pool. 

On Saturdays, there’s an opportunity to enjoy rooftop yoga in the laid-back property, which lies in the center of Coconut Grove. Therefore, residents of Mr. C residences condos for sale can unwind after a long day. 
You’ll experience Zen vibe at the luxury hotel, which features expansive Jacuzzi tubs in most all-suite rooms, TVs, and entertaining areas. If you’re thinking of sightseeing, some of the attractions nearby include Vizcaya Museum where you’ll marvel at landscaped gardens and Miami Seaquarium where you’ll meet various marine up close. 

Museums and Galleries
You can spend your time wandering around Boswell Mourot Museum where you’ll come across great works of numerous international, national, and local artists. If you’re passionate about Eastern art, ensure you visit the Midori Gallery. 
The two-storey exhibition comprises incredible sculptures, old ceramics, and paintings. Also, you’ll encounter other antiques sourced mostly from Japan and China. If you’re seeking a European feel, you’ll enjoy exploring Vizcaya Muesum. 

Shopping and Dining
You’ll realize how the iconic dining and shopping hub of Coco Walk has a new look and is lined with renowned retailers. You can stop by one of the restaurants from plant-based comfort and if you’re fond of ice cream, you’ll find an ice cream shop with unique flavors. 

You’ll also have an opportunity to visit popular spots in the neighborhood that serve lunch, dinner, and brunch in a serene atmosphere. For stunning views of the skyline and bay, residents of Mr. C residences can visit Bellini-a rooftop restaurant located at Mr. C Miami Coconut Grove Hotel, which is known for Italian food. 

What’s to Love about Coconut Grove
Coconut Grove is one of the original neighborhoods in Miami. You’ll find the neighborhood charming with its plush tropical surroundings, eclectic shopping and dining, and bayfront parks. Set on the Biscayne Bay shores, Coconut Grove is a place where people gather for picnics. 
Ensure you maximize the abundant parking, green spaces, restaurants, and parks. You’ll enjoy the tranquility offered in Coconut Grove where you can relax away from the hustle of everyday life. With stunning galleries, elegant boutiques, and high-end restaurants, the neighborhood offers the perfect place for relaxing among residents of Mr. C residences Coconut Grove. 

What makes the neighborhood unique is that it has a solid sense of community where everybody knows everybody else since the walkable neighborhood has numerous parks along with beaches, which act as gathering spots. You’ll find residents of Mr. C residences Coconut Grove strolling to the restaurants while children enjoy biking to school. It’s worth noting that the vibrant neighborhood is peaceful, connected, and minutes away from the Miami International Airport and Key Biscayne. 
If you’re seeking a laid-back neighborhood where you’ll enjoy lush landscape and luxurious living, Coconut Grove is the place to be.


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