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You are posing so happily while I'm here by your side watching you laugh. The date has already faded with time as I 'm next to your memories. I gave you so much and little is left in this sad gray frame with your photo without color. I have your portrait but it doesn't talk to me, I touch it and cuddle it but it doesn't love me, why do I want your face in a painting if it doesn't say anything. I tell it about love but it doesn't answer. what do I gain by saving a photo that never speaks to me. 

What good is to have you trapped here under the cold glass, sitting here covered by the sun of april, the will to live, while reaching the sky and I sitting in this cold room wanting to revive you; an oblivion hidden behind a veil. So much that I gave you and that little I have left, in a sad gray frame with your colorless photo. I have your portrait but it does not love me. I speak to it, but it doesn't answer.Why do I want it here if it won't bring you back here.


  • Jun 27, 2022

  • Mar 25, 2023

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