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Keeps a Man calm.

A blind one’s walking stick,

In the Hand of the Sight-ed.

On One’s  Way,

To a Date with Death.

An Escort for Those who See Nothing..

For Although the 

Sheep be Many,

The Shepard waits 

On the Few.

Protector in the After Life.

You, I am waiting for.

As Wolves befriend Demons,

Angels Defend the Shepard.

71 Be They that Follow Me.

You are Hope against the 

Oncoming Nightmare.

So Terrible Who 

Would want to stare. 

Or make a sound.

Remember We are There, 

They are not Here. 

We are where

 It’s called

Glory Bound.


One wouldn’t look nor 

Make a sound,

Just trust in the Voice.

I guess A Voice,

Saying, “ Fol-low Me “,

To get Them around.

I Once was Lost,

Now Found for The 

Blind to See.


The Men are 

All calm.

Now moved on

To Their Eternal Rest.

Forever Surrounded by

Those Sil-en-tly tapp-ing.


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    Jun 28, 2022

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