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With Good Foot 

kotch like Mount-ain  


So I sit-tin up. 

Left Hand Light-er, 

Ri-ght hand , Cup.

Watch how Them

Team Up.

From the Left Put Up 

To the Right Lite Up,

That’s How We

Live It Up.

From Fire’s Touch 

Hit the Ganga,

Split the Wa-ter,

Bubble Up.


With Clean Hands,

Bur-Ning  The Cup.

No Inn-o-Cent

Nor For-a-Cent  

Pure Heart won’t 

Stain Them up.

What’s up?

Didn’t I to-o

Pull up.

Pass after 2,

Puff that’s how This 

Rasta Give it up.

So I Right Hand 

Start Salute,

As I Left

Hand it to the   

Man in the Middle


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