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After the amount of Flammable

News and Information,

Circulating  with  enough Drive to  

Engulf Any-One into Ignite-ing,

It’s Impossible to Prevent

In This Plane,

Open Flames 

On This Train.

Now I am not concerned with 

The Flame-Buoyants,

People Living  Outside

Of A  Name.

Pointing Eyes Identify,

Flipp-antly Finger-ing,

The Person

Or Persons,

It’s Real-ly Comp-lic-ated  

To Explain.

No this Com-bustion

Is an Ignit-Shun  Conun-Drum.

One Foretold in the WATCH OUT!! 


Word Herd.

Seen-Herd Word Over-Load

Wicked Wicks They Be.

To Lite the Limbs from 

The Poison-Us Tree.

Heard now being 

Prepared with immense scrutiny

To a Beat that crumbles

Towards a crack-ling progression..

Such Chit-Chatter Flicks and Clicks The Thoughts that Ignites an 

Already intense surge of 

Half-truths, Bias and Deception.

Could just as well be Anyone’s Guess, Suppose and Assumpt-ion,

Brought to an already 

Volatile inter-connection 

Resulting in Combustion.

Such Frustrate Forces are

Driving This S.S. TYRANNY

Into  the  Wind.

I am an Observer

Here on Deck to

Detect  And Document

How the Cruise Members

Respond and Act

During  a Disaster. 

To be Reported in 

True Wind Fashion.

Sight Seeing  if any

The Tailspin,

Propelling Us Forward,

Enroute to Dock.

Along a Charted Rocky 

Roaring Course With 

Rushing Tilts,

The Mast in  Man is Measured.

From a Stand-ing Position,

After sustaining a Beat-ing 

and being In Irons.

With Arms up and out,

See if you catch this Description.

Bowed Head Frenzy Fixed Hands and Feet Flip-Flopping Knees,

Against  the Oncoming Breeze,

That’s Jesus and the Crucification.

At This Point  Of Sail,

All Hands are on Deck!

Calm in the Face of High Winds

Must be Maintained.

From Bow to Stern,

Emotions must be Balanced.

Feel the Tilt and Sway then

Counter with Lift and Drag,

So the Boat don’t Lean to much to one side.

Dance with Drama or 

Be Thrown Over-Board from it.

How Intense be the Silence Sound

Of Roaring  Emotion conducting Metal.


Pull into Dock

And begin to Anchor,

Those Powers that 

Powered the Train Have Extinguished Their Fire.

That Noise Chaos

Consistently Rotating,

And Put into Preparation

Generation and Production,

Now little more than 

Rhythmic episodic

Tranquil Squeaks.



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