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One really should

At Night

Under Dim Light,

Watch The Rat


It’s Play

Treasure’s Way

Across the Inner

Base-boards  of The Room.

One would never See It in the Forward Sight

Catch A Bite,

But in the 

Side-Eye View.

Where  first nothing,


Then The Finger of A Snake.

Some Move In

Bound  Leaps With 

Quick Rea-ches,

With-out Sounds.

B-y The Wa-lls Straight Line.

The Rest Creep along The Line.

Yet quick-ly All 

Make Their Way Known.

Train Your Sen-ses,

To See the Fingers Of A Snake, 

And Di-gits Of A Rat.

2 Enemies Yes. 

I guess until You Show up.

Treasure’s A-round.

In regard to Stealth,

The En-emy Of Gain 

Is  Hel-ping Ha-nds.

Conflicting Friends Who Never Tell

Each Other what Their Doing.

Sworn Ne-ver to be Thy Brother’s Keeper!

Again, until You showed up. 

Treasure’s A-bound.

Personally I like to swing The Light, Or at least have The Light  blink 

In and Out rapidly.

See Things A Little Differently.

Then, On To Hearing Them

In The Dark. 

For I was Taught by A Master

Son of My GrandFather,

An Elder. 

King of The Dark.

From Whom,

I now am King Of The Castle.

Seat-ed on My Throne.

Treasure’s A Crown.


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