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With his last Breath

The Preacher died.

But I ain’t sur-prised.

Better to be 

Taken by God,

For this 

Sunset surprise.

 Blast the death

 Bed outcry,

“ I fuqed Your Wife! “

And see if it don’t

Dry up every tear

From all Eyes.

..Widen them too.

That is what 

The Holy

And Sanctified

Has just come 

To find out.

Thus, in that Ol’ 

Church organ 


Immediate emotions 

Went from low

To high-in that 

Same crescendo fashion.

As We Church Sisters 

Went from sympathizing

With each Other,

Saying “ What a shame “,

To criticizing each Other

Out Their name.

While pointing

Middle fingers 

And blaspheming,

In Jesus name.

Face it.

A Sista would 

Be shook.

Husband here,

unaware that 

Another snake 

In There. 

Just one thing 

Remains to 

Be found out.

That is 



..In God’s Name

We trust,

I guess.


Around Your 


The Innocent  and 

Even the Guilty

Among Us.

Fill Our Cups

Until Overflowing.

Also if not too 

Much trouble,

Keep these 

Sisters fighting,

Let it be just be

You and Dead Baby 

Father knowing.

I am pregnant.

Ems out @ 1311


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