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Purgatory caught in the flash of a headlight
Darkness revealed for what it is hiding
Crime and disgrace, shame and suffering
What else is there that is hidden from us

A blinding moment soon realized
We are not as hidden as we’d like to think
All things come forward truth be known
Darkness run away when light shine on my soul

People suffering in their loneliness
No one to help or to lend a hand
Are we not criminal in our negligence
Are we not blind in what we claim to see

Pain strike the heart of those without
Lost on the streets buried in shouts
Protest for feeling protest for hate
Where is the love we claim is our way

Blood shed for this, blood shed for that
Claim to make a difference in a life
But who wins and who will lose
From the weight of this suffering and strife

Where are the good deeds done for mankind
Where is the love being shown in your mind
Are we not suffering from blindness imposed
By the hate and anger hidden within

Can we preach healing while needing it ourselves
Can we beset the enemy being enemies as well
What is the way to finding salvation
When everywhere we look all we find is oppression

Talking of talking points does nothing but talk
Where is the action brought upon by thought
Housing of homeless, feeding the hungry
Healing the sick the feeble and the needy

What is it that we cannot grasp
What is the truth so hard to see
What is the way we cannot go
Who is it that we cannot be


  • Jun 26, 2022

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