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If you're thinking of moving to Florida into the Mr C Residences condos, then you'll need to know that new laws have come into effect here this year. You may not be aware of them yet, but they're something that all residents, new and existing, should know. Here's the laws that have just come into effect in 2022, and how they'll affect you. 

Tax Breaks For Floridians

Here's a new law that will benefit you as a resident of the Mr C residences condos for sale, especially if you have children. SB 7061 has helped create a new tax package, that will allow for sales tax holidays. These holidays will include a 'freedom week', that allows for tax breaks on entertainment and outdoor items. You'll also see tax holidays in August, to make to school shopping more affordable. 

That's something that you'll be able to take advantage of living in the Mr C Residences new construction condos with your family. Back to school shopping gets pricey very quickly, so being able to knock the sales tax off those purchases will save you a lot of money. 

Introducing Civic Education

Here's another law that will interest you if you're moving to Florida with your family. The Mr C Residences homes are nearby some of the best schools in the state, and that allows your children to get the best education possible. Bolstering this education will be the HB 5 law, that introduces civics education to Florida schools. 

Essentially, that means that schools will need to discuss ideologies that don't align with the principles of freedom and democracy. That should allow students to compare them, and see how they differ from their own viewpoints. That should allow students to have a more rounded education overall. 

Alcohol To Go

If there's anything that Miami's known for, it's for their amazing range of restaurants. Whatever kind of cuisine you can think of, you'll find it here. That's one of the many benefits of living in the Mr C Residences condos for sale. As such, you'll want to know about this new law. 

SB 148 will allow restaurants in Florida to sell alcoholic drinks alongside take out meals, so you'll be able to buy your entire meal without having to go to a liquor store too. This law has come about thanks to the COVID pandemic, when measures were to put into place to help restaurants that had to scale back. Now you can take advantage of it as a customer. 

Property Insurance Changes

Here's another new law that you need to be aware of, as you're moving into the Mr C Residences new construction condos. There have been changes to the way property insurance works, and it may differ to how your insurance worked in your past home state. 

If you're a customer of the state backed Citizen's Property Insurance Corp., then you'll see that there will be larger annual rate increases thanks to SB 76. The law also prevents contractors from soliciting homeowners to file claims against their home insurance, and reduces the time to file claims from three years to two years. You'll need to keep all of this in mind if you're buying a Mr C Residences property. 

Repealed Toll Road Laws

Two years ago a law was put in place to increase the amount of toll roads in Florida, and this turned out to be a controversial move with the residents of the state. This year, SB 100 is looking to repeal that law, something that Mr C Residences new construction condos residents will be grateful for. 

For this to happen, progress will need to be made on extending the Florida Turnpike and interweaving a route along U.S. 19 from the Suncoast Parkway to Interstate 10 in Madison County. As such, this may be a law that takes some time to come into place. 

Changes To COVID Passports

As you well know, many businesses and institutions in recent months have required a 'COVID passport' to show you were either vaccinated or had a negative COVID test, before you could enter. That's been a vital part of reducing the spread of the virus, but recent law SB 2006 is looking to prevent this. 

As such, now if you enter any business or institution near the Mr C Residences condos for sale, you shouldn't be required to show a COVID passport. If there are any emergencies in the future though, then the local governor has the power to override this law. 

Budget Changes

Finally, there are several budget changes that will be of interest to Mr C Residences home owners. Firstly, the minimum pay of state workers will go up to $13 an hour. For those working as first responders they will be able to get bonuses as well on their pay. There's also a $50 million budget to raise teacher salaries in the state, too. 

Another interesting change is a new budget for restoring the Everglades National Park. As you'll be living so nearby, this is something that you'll be able to benefit from as a resident of Miami. 

There's lots of different laws that have been introduced in the last year, and you should be aware of them before you make your move to Miami. Now you know all the most important points, so you can move and take advantage of the benefits these changes offer you as a resident. 


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