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Crying in my sleep again
I hate this life I live
There's no place I can find where I  belong
And it's taken all I've have left to give
The world might be a playground
But for me it's just been hell
One nightmare or another 
Since this fallen angel fell
The darkness looks inviting
It's always held me close
And anyone who ever loved me
Has since become a ghost
They've crossed over 
And left me and this life behind
I could say that I'm not jealous
But that would be a lie
I wish that I was with them
I'm so done being here
I ache for what I used to have
And I long to disappear
This pain is neverending
Even in my sleep
I just see all the promises
No one ever meant to keep
I want to leave this life behind
More than I want to breathe
So tell me, what's the answer
To this question that I have
How do I keep surviving
When it only drives me mad?
The pain fights to consume me
And the memories pull me down
Thinking of what used to be
Just makes me want to drown
I'm tired of all this fighting
And you're words that pierced my soul
I know I must keep living
But I really want to go
The loneliness consumes me
And brings me to my knees
But no one sees me falling
And no one sees me bleed
From every corner of my soul
Each shard of this broken heart
Cuts me like a really sharp knife
And I don't have another start
Over left within me
I've done it all my life
On my headstone let it read
She just couldn't get it right. 


  • Jun 24, 2022

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