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Someday, somebody is going to fall in love with my darkness, and not run screaming from its depths like you did. They will revel in my darkness and let my demons dance them home. They will see my broken soul and they'll have no fear of it's bleeding hole. They'll cut their own soul bloody, just to dance with me.

Someday, someone is going to see the dusty images you left carved into my soul. They'll see the way you promised you'd never leave me there all alone. And they'll pick up your words and make them they dance me through my darkness, and far away from you.

Someday, you'll come looking; you'll find nobody's home. Even the most meant of loves leaves when they're alone. And always, you'll remember; I'll always be your curse. The one who truly had your back for better or for worse. And you'll wish that you could just go back to that time. 
But I'll have danced away the melody, and left you just this verse.


  • Jun 24, 2022

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