All This Pain... Read Count : 34

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All This Pain Is Literally
Driving Me Insane,
My Life Is Not A Game
For You To Destroy,
I Mean,
 Do I Look Like A Toy
You Have To Annoy,
Why Did You Come In Like A Decoy,
Pretending To Care,
I Knew Real Authentic Love
Was Never There,
You Promised Me Forever,
You Thought You Was Clever,
I Guess You Must Have Forgot
I Don't Play Checkers,
I Like Chess,
My Next Moves
Going To Be My Best,
I Told You Not To Test Me,
I'm Blessed,
I Never Stress Knowing
That Gods By My Side,
He's My True Ride Or Die
Because He Never Lies,
I Don't Have Time To Listen
To Your Alibis Every Night,
I Don't Like To Fight,
and That's A Fact,
I'll Never Go Back To My Past,
and By The Way,
I Never Finish Last,
I Guess Its Save To 
Say You Have Finally
Met Your Match...


  • Jun 25, 2022

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