Love Makes Us Tremble Read Count : 30

Category : Poems

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Love makes us tremble like young leaves
For both of us are afraid of the same moment
My beloved you say very low. I love you so much
Let it go - close your eyes. Do not speak. Be good.

I can tell you are close by the fire on your face
My feverish temple beats against your beating heart
And with my neck in your arms. I shudder to feel
Your naked throat and its shell like freshness.

Listen to the wisteria quivering in the wind
It is evening it is sweet to be alone on earth
One to the other mule and weak with desire
Full of my offering and full of your heart.

Oh understand what the suffers and feel how he loves
He who would lay at sunrise
A bouquet unseen yet on your very bosom
To set thy happiness near to the waking! 


  • Jun 22, 2022

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