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When I think of my friends I can only count few, deep down inside I know the truth. There's some of you lieing I can see right through. The riddles you speak are meant to confuse. I see the manipulation in disguise, don't think I'm fooled by your white lies. Question your motive, there's no need I hear every word you don't speak. Your veiled threats consume thoughts i had of you, script writer extraordinar. Leads you to saying things you don't mean. All you follow doesn't know how to lead. If you really knew about me. Your reason for being my shadow has no proof. What you say I did isn't the truth. I never told it. I was just easy target caught up in politics. Alphabet letters explain truth I heard your name and whispered it to one's that matter, so when you come through, to get closure over something you think you knew. I'm not one to fuck with, you've got not clue. I'll leave you burnt or being hunted. Your circle is small and needs attention, your views are outdated and I can't lose. Just let go before this unfolds I'll see it coming before you know. My friends are your family enemies in disguise, just know I know and I'm not surprised. When you get out to take that ride, come and find me to your demise, even if I die you still didn't win and here's why. No fear of death or whats to come. My intuition speaks so loud I can feel the deceit in every breath. Your friends let you down I'm not surprised. How you all played along tryna catch me is gonna catch you, calling me a friend that always knew it was never true. Friends who you thought you knew want to fuck me over to profit over my pain. Fuck you who you thought you knew.


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