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I Don't Play Games,
I Don't Fuck With Lames,
I Keep It Real,
Because To Me That's A Big Deal,
I'm Out To Make Mills,
Not Be Stuck In The Past
Just Kissing Ass,
Fuckin With Fakes
Don't Forget the Snakes,
That's Just Not Me,
I'm Out To Shine,
Not Waste Anyone's Time,
Now Looking Back,
I Could Tell You Was
 Wack Of That Crack,
I'll Never Look Back
That's A Fact, 
Sitting There Watching
 Y'all Clown On Me,
Like I'm Not Shit,
Just Another Chick
 On Your Hit List,
I Can't Believe,
 I Let You Play Me Like This,
But It Is What It Is,
I'm About To Show You
 I'm A Bad Ass Bitch,
Watch Me Fix My Crown,
While I Turn This Frown Around,
I'm Part Of The Divine,
Thats The Light,
I'm Not About To Fight,
I'll Just Take Flight
Wish You A Good Night,
Because That's What A Real Thug Does
Always Show Love,
Regardless Of The Shit You Say
I Honestly Hope You Have
 A Wounderful Day...


  • Jun 25, 2022

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