A Father's Day Tribute Read Count : 26

Category : Poems

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Incomparable man of galore 
The sense spot that known as the man of valour 
My wisdom I tap from his brain sensor
He that sew me wisdom and clothed me knowledge, perhaps my tailor

My source of rivers of knowledge 
Under rain and sun success must come for him I pledge
The mirror I looked to see my beauty
Never break and never turn blur nor dirty 

The pot of my wisdom 
Where I eat from to rule my kingdom
Lucky am I to be gifted a golden mirror
Hearty sorry to heeart whose life has broken their mirror 

Words that seems like an ocean I laid on my chest like a badge 
What name could I give thee, always for me and me my fledge
He that grows me from foetus shall keep thee till eternity
For you fathered me righteously, shall heaven gift ye paradise and longevity 
© Bolualabi. O


  • Jun 20, 2022

  • Jun 21, 2022

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