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I Tremble With Your Touch,
Everytime Our Eyes Meet, 
It Really Feels Like It's Lust,
But Deep Down I Know It's Love,
I Reminisce On The First Time
We Ever Kissed,
Back In The Day, 
I Thought I Knew The Way,
But Now I Pray Because God's Wanting Me To
 Change Some Things, 
Before He Let's My King Sit 
Next To Me,
He Already Has The Ring,
Someone That Sees Me As 
His Queen,
Plus He Likes To Sing,
So I Know It's Not 
Just Another Fling,
He's The Sun and Im The Moon,
Together We Light Up The Sky
 Like It's June,
We're Both Bright and Full Of Life,
So You Know We Ride 
Right By Eachother's
Side Everytime,
We Don't Doubt One Another
or Tell Lies To Eachother's,
He Is My Best Friend,
Plus My Lover....

© *Alwayz&Forever°Samantha•Snyder°A°True°Writer*


  • Jun 19, 2022

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