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I Was Made To Shine
I Told You That
I'm One Of A Kind,
I Don't Have Time To Waste,
I'm To Busy Beating This Case,
I Will Win First Place,
I Don't Care What You Think,
Let Alone What You Say,
Through Out The Day,
I'm Rearranging My Ways,
I'm Not Afraid To Change,
Because Lames Stay The Same,
and That's Not How I Play 
That's Not How I'm Made,
I'm Changing The Game,
While I Remain In My Own Lane,
I'm Aiming For Fame and Success,
I Already Know I'm Blessed,
Your Working With The Best,
Come On,
Put Me To The Test,
I'm Nothing Like The Rest,
You Don't Gotta Obsessed 
and Second Guess,
Just To Impress,
Express How You Feel,
So I Can See The Deal You Have For Me Is Authentic and Real...

© *Alwayz&Forever°Samantha•Snyder°A°True°Writer*


  • Jun 19, 2022

  • Beautiful! 💜

    Jun 19, 2022

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