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Keep Reflecting and
 Stay Connected,
So You Don't Get Infected,
By Being Rejected or Disrespected, 
This Is For Your Own Protection, 
Try To Get A Different Perception,
Instead Of Always Projecting
In This Connection, 
If It Hurts,
Then Head In A New Direction, 
Until You Find Your Perfection,
Don't Just Make Another Selection,
With Out Knowing 
That The Deal Is Real, 
Find Out Exactly How You Feel 
Before Anyone Steels
Your Peace Up In These Streets,
Retreat and Tune Into The Beat,
Instead Of Always Mistreating 
The Ones You Love,
Find Someone You Can Trust Without All The Lust and Games, 
Leave Those Who Try To Manipulate Your Brain, 
Because In The End 
You'll Be The One That Gets Left Alone Broken Hearted In Pain Without Anything To Gain,
Never Remain The Same......

© *Alwayz&Forever°Samantha•Snyder°A°True°Writer*


  • Jun 19, 2022

  • Jun 19, 2022

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