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These Feelings I Try To Deny,
Often Has Me Wounding Why,
I'm Self-Sabotaging 
What I Wanted The Most,
I'm Literally Becoming A Ghost,
I Don't Mean To Boast,
But I'm Sparring Out of Control
Constantly Numbing Myself,
Just To Get By,
It's Killing My Spirit Deep Inside,
My Heart and Head Need To Aline,
Because I'm Running Out Of Time,
Before they Collide,
Causing My Death and 
It Looks Like A Suicide,
Not Becoming His Bride
Will Have Me Crying Up 
Late At Night Mortified,
That Alone Has Me Terrified,
I Have To Identify These Insecurity's, 
Both Mentally and Spiritually,
Then Eventually I Can Move On To 
The Next Level,
Knowing That I Finally Defeated 
All These Demons 
Has My Heart Rate Beating,
I Really Can't Believe 
I Achieve All My Goals, 
While They Deceived My Soul,
I So Thankful I'm Wise Enough To Know The Difference Between A Friend and A Foe.....

© *Alwayz&Forever°Samantha•Snyder°A°True°Writer*


  • Jun 19, 2022

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