Be Slow To Anger... Read Count : 32

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Be Slow To Anger,
Be Quick To Pause,
Those Outlaws 
Will Cause You To Fall,
Withdraw Your Energy
Because They Are Not Friends To Me,
More Like Your Enemies,
Hiding Their True Intentions,
and Did I Forget To Mention
Your On A Royal Mission 
Working Together With The Divine 
Don't Step Out Of Line 
and Let Them Bind Your Mind, 
That Will Just Have You Wasting Time,
While Pushing You Farther Behind,
The Mountain Don't Have To Be 
That Hard To Climb Everytime,
Always Remember and Never Forget God Is Your Lifeline...

© *Alwayz&Forever°Samantha•Snyder°A°True°Writer*


  • Jun 18, 2022

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