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They doing everything they can
After they thru dirt on my name 
Funny you don't want ME to win
I guess it's apart of the game

I'm NOT the silent one
After double crossing me
Just understand where I'm coming from
Been thru to much pain and misery

Then to let you walk over me
You tried to play me for a FOOL
But the God IN ME wouldn't let it be
So now I'll take your ass back to school

I'm not your momma
I refuse to CARRY another
I thought you were stronger 
But you're weaker than your brother 

You turned on me 
Because I said no 
Ain't nothing in life free
I'm out the door

I'm NOT STAYING in shit
I heard what you said behind my back
I guess you thought you were THAT BIHH
Truth is your game is wack

Stop looking for me to hold you up
Its It's time for you to carry your own weight
Bihh I've had enough
That pity shit I don't relate!!


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