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Everything in our society
Is trying to prove my insufficiency
Every decision I make proves my insanity
And whatever you hear me say,you don't need to clarify
Because it's a lie or a fail obviously
Everyone says I should clarify
But I know I am not sure of anything I say
Just as I am not sure of my own identity
My mum tells me where I came from but I only listen to the story
Like boring theories from history
I cry until I feel paralyzed
The past terrifies
But where I am heading to isn't better the future horrifies
I am just so tired,I need serenity
I am tired of existing as if I came to this world accidentally
God,to all my problems give me a remedy
Because I have been waiting patiently
I know you are taking care of my destiny
And that it will be full of prosperity
I don't want things that are vanity
I want peace and this pray sincerely
And God always remind me that I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH.


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