This City Won't Be Hidden Read Count : 25

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I fear no evil 
Though I walk amidst the devil 
The city inside me won't be hidden 
shall I breed up my treasure in my own garden 

Slack not me for my city shall not be hidden
For it shall I put on my armor of victory
Though enemies were many running after my city 
Ready am I to display my sword and defend my garden 

Though I walked on the path of success
But the path cramed up with the work of devil 
If thousands are ye I shaketh not and win by thy carelessness 
With your threat and sweat I live not in despair 

I walk in reality of evil like a sugar ant amidst the soldier ants
Joy and peace and no diseases
Known to all this path is uneasy 
But with sweat I'll keep on running without getting dizzy
  • © Bolualabi. O  


  • it's good I love it

    Jun 18, 2022

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