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My soul's been crushed like fragmented bone, my heart born witness to too many wars. I am no stranger to stolen promises, broken dreams and empty, listless words. You see once, I was a girl whom all she ever wanted from this world, was to "live, love, laugh" be appreciated and adored. I crazily once believed in every one of those those white picket fence, happy ending, fairytale and vomit worthy princess saving cliches. But then you happened, and then i happened, and what I was, is what, I will never be again.

And I don't mourn that girl one little bit, for she wasn't strong enough to survive the retched world in which she lived in. So I gathered up all her scattered and broken parts and built her anew with more courage, strength and double the heart. I moulded and reinforced her backbone, put an inferno blazing in her core, planted sparks like beacons in her eyes, searching for a home like she once found in you. And so now, im the kind of woman who enjoys vacations to the dark side of the moon. And still I find myself lost and drifting in the memories, and it's such a fucking tragedy that my only way to touch you is to bleed out my hearts greatest travesty.

You are the everlasting and endless gaping big black hole within my galaxy.


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