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A multitude of sinners
Gathered ‘round the gallows
There to watch the hangman
Stretch a brand new noose

They hollared at the guilty man
Called him a disease
Said it was high time
Crime was brought to its knees

They laughed and they joked
Never giving a damn
That he who was to be hanged
Was an ordinary man

The hangman walked on stage
There to do a job
Hidden by his mask
Not part of the mob

There to do a job
There for his pay
Just to execute the guilty
As the courtroom says

He reached for the lever
The crowd they cheered
He asked the man if he had any words
This is what he said

I am an innocent man
Condemned for someone’s act
People looked at my face
Not at the facts

Guilt by association
Is no guilt at all
But who am I to persuade
When death, it calls

My Momma raised a good boy
But life was tough on me
Did what I had to do
To make me, me

The roads were long 
And the work was tough
All I was looking for
Was a little love

Cards were not good to me
Chips even worse
Gambling is the reason for
My early death

I never should have taken
That strangers advice
Gave up my life for
Those enchanted dice

I threw away my money
I threw away my life
Now I find myself up here
At the end of my life

I never killed the man they said
Died over at the bar
Must have been someone else
But I’m fitted for a noose

Momma told me to be a man
So that’s what I’m gonna do
I’ll see you all in hell real soon
For hanging an innocent man

The hangman pulled the cap
To cover up my eyes
I heard the sound of the lever
Before I closed my eyes

Death it comes quickly
Sometimes without warning
But take my heed, take my word
It comes just the same

Many men will live
Every one will die
Die a proper death ‘for GOD
So you can look HIM in the eye

I lived my life faithfully
I lived my life true
But in the end this ole world
Sent me to you 

They buried me this day
Under barren sod
No one there to give a prayer
‘Cept the man of GOD

Life has a funny way
Of turning out it seems
Best keep your eyes and keep your mind
On the word of GOD


  • Jun 15, 2022

  • Oct 04, 2022

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