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Give me the people 
who have had their souls sliced, 
their hearts diced 
and their guts ripped
straight from their fking throats 
by life. 

The ones who charge 
into the line of fire, 
their bloodied faces 
smeared with trauma. 

Swords raised, hurtling themselves through the rest of their days 
with the strength of armoured tanks 
fuelled by rage. 

The ones, 
who will never wave a white flag 
at their endless internal wars, 

because getting up, 
showing up 
and never fking giving up 
is the only way 
they have ever known.

And if I could, 
I would collect these people 
all up in my arms, 
and preserve them 
behind layers of bulletproof glass

just so they can never to be touched, 
or tainted by dirtied hands 
or hurtful words again. 

Because believe me 
they are different, 
you can’t see it 
but know 
that they can feel it.

For their damage has seeped 
right down to their bones, 
and it aches in their chest
and it seeps from their pores. 

These people, 
my people, 
the beautiful and the broken,
lovers of the night, 

a sacred tribe 
who’s trademark 
is simply knowing 
that they 
will always survive. 

To know them is to love them, 
to honour 
and to see them 

and I cannot help 
but to god damn admire them 
and the pain behind their smiles. 

Permanent reminders 
of sacrifices made 
and the courage 
beating in their heartsbeat of heart


  • Jun 12, 2022

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