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It’s bubbling. 
Foaming and 
Frothing inside 

That need 
that want 
that urge 
that rage 
to get me out of this 
fking cage

The minds hates it. 
My core craves it. 

Because when it hurts 
I just want it to hurt 
even more. 

Tenfold the pain. 

Scream in vain. 
Go insane. 
The Madness calls 
and the mayhem rolls 

Level up 
Drown it down 
Bleed it out 
The music can never 
be too loud 

Slur some words
happy now. 

turn up the wickedness 
and medicate the sickness 

Don’t cry 
Don’t feel 
Don’t worry 

Set the dial 
on self destruct. 

Chew him up 
Spit him out 
it’s just a body 
he can have it 
for now 

Dance with the demons 
Revel in the mess 
Numb and empty 
do it all again 

Run from yourself  
Hide from the world  
No one can save you 
when the darkness calls
 Sarah’s Scars


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