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Goodbye not for long, hopefully
Not for as long as my heart aches
Looking at the ashes as the breeze blows away
If the pain has stopped to pound
Once again I say, goodbye!
For as long as the moon shines in every sad mood
As little this life we are bound to live
If we fall and as we depart
Goodbye! For this vacuum you created
That cruzy death that was posing a threat against your breath
And now you won't have to die again a second time
How far away will you go off when you are next to hearts like mine?
How long will you stay when I know I will see you very soon?
This conviction I have that we won't be apart
Even by my sides left and right, imaginely
As my mind still works cleverly to think about
My mind eyes looking back at the time when you were here
Goodbye as your love and mine never dies  
Nothing forever hasn't promised
So go and come I will be here waiting until you return
I'm always and internally proud to be your son
Goodbye! That you appeared in the sky as sun you are warm
My mommy leyley, loving every you like everything you
Sweetest Mom of the universe
Patience with the pain you were, over and over again it was the same
If I was having a fame, you would have changed that name
You were having much to endured than to enjoyed
You were strong to the called I can't say that you falled 
If you were given the chance I know you will still fight some more
Goodbye like the rain drops of tear for the fear you have swallowed like a sausage
I wonder why there's good in goodbye  even for die
This thing called death wasn't good and stood by waiting for it trap to catch
It should have faced me man to man let me give it a mark
I can't wait for my turn to face the fool, if I should die....
It will live to remember the scar I left on it face
Goodbye for it is good you should rest and not feel anything
Stop feeling, not this pain anymore
Now my mind will be at rest without worrying if you will survive this and that
So face it lets move on the world has nothing to offer you
I'm coming, I will see you on the other side
Once again I say.... goodbye for a while.

Over the lost of my mother day before yesterday morning
Wednesday March 23


  • Mar 25, 2022

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    Mar 25, 2022

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    Mar 25, 2022

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