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It's sad and downright a manipulative vicious circle; when telling others NO AND they refuse to accept your answer.  No has always been no and never changed. You can truly see PEOPLE true colors shining through WHEN they CAN'T take rejection. Why would anyone ever put another person into a situation that they would NEVER do for them.  Only to conceive the ideal of obligating your time and to try to FORCE YOU do what THEY KNOW DAMN WELL THEY STILL WOULDN'T DO SHIT FOR YOU. I'm tired of giving to OTHERS WHEN OTHERS haven't DONE SHIT but use me. My life.. MY BODY... MY CHOICE. MY TIME is MINE.  Anyone who CAN'T EXCEPT NO FOR an ANSWER you find out quick how the boundaries AND RESPECT ENDS!!! PEOPLE ARE USERS AND EXPECT YOU TO BEND OVER BACKWARDS AND GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO CATER TO THEM. Anytime you meet these NARCISSISTS RUN and DON'T look BACK.  AFTER 15yrs of killing MYSELF GOING out my way; I withdrew my hands. OTHERS always were put before ME. THAT was and always has BEEN the problem.  Your PROBLEMS AREN'T MY PROBLEMS ANYMORE.  Do it yourself by YOURSELF and leave ME the HELL ALONE.  You're MARRIED STOP STALKING AND HARASSING ME INTERFERING IN MY LIFE; while STUPIDITY LOOKS ON.


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