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When the sun sets
On the starry night sky
Beautiful twilight scene 
Makes me start to cry

Thinking about everything we've been through
Wanting to be next to you 

Holding your hand
I don't have any right to demand
I just thought you'd understand
Where I am coming from
I cant let go, I will come undone.

Deep inside the lesions on my heart
Darken my soul leaving behind marks
That will never go away 
Because they are now scars

Walking through the night
I Stare at the moon
Praying that I get to see you soon
I don't have a reason to stay

If you don't want me to go away,
Find it in your heart
And say what you need to say.

If I start a new life 
And I have to leave you in the past
Our previous encounter 
Will be our last

I can't handle anything anymore
The grief and agony I feel
Makes getting out of bed a chore
Because my body aches 
And is constantly sore

I can't live with this heartbreak
My life is the high stakes
I don't have the strength
To do what it takes

Without the best things in life
That was being a mother, best friend and someday someone's wife

that is not going to take place
I lost loves race
Crashed and burned
Landing flat on my face

Losing the chance to be a good mother
I can't hide the pain 
Suffocating me as it smothers my brain
Traumatizing damage driving me insane.

Most of the days that pass
I miss you so much I'm still stuck in the past
Knowing your not really there 
I still talk out loud as if you were, this is not a easy task
I wanted you and I to last 
But I can't heal when theres still lies you hide behind your mask

I would think that you know that I'm always going to love you
But if I'm not important enough for you to come over and be here
Then I have to let you go, my dear

Because if that flame of our love is out
Then you can trust me without a doubt 
That I will finally disappear
And change my route
Feeling no love for others the way I love you
Not even the smallest amount

Because I gave you that last piece I had left of my heart 
When you held it I killed it playing with darts
Leaving me alone, a machine with only broken parts
Like the tin man now waiting for someone to give me a new heart.

Maybe one day I'll cross your mind
And if it's me, you can't seem to find
Just close your eyes and go back to the time
When we were in love, happy and you were mine
Smile for me, thank you for those magical times
That is what it was like for me
We were one of a kind

Please only remember that happy me
The one only you created 
If not for you, I wouldn't known what it's like to truly be happy

I know there's a chance we won't be close ever again
But I hope we do,
I'm keeping it real with myself so I can't pretend
Like I'm okay with anything that had happened
Regardless in the end

I love and Miss you L.F. my best friend
If we meet again,

Love Always,


  • Mar 24, 2022

  • cool

    Mar 27, 2022

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