L Never Wanted To Let You Go Read Count : 44

Category : Poems

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l do not feel any remorse,l love it this way
l know it will work ,it is not bad at all
l never wanted to let you go but,
The dark side of you forced me

l know you like to act all the time
Then do so
You like to flert and romance with pride 
Then do so
You like to play with hearts
Then do so!

Let alone our bond ,our strong one
Maybe you will understand with time
But time does not wait ,it flies,my love
We need to bury our pride and control our love
Because we still love for each other
Let's just bury this devil underground
Let's give it one more chance!

But l had to let you go 
So that you can love me
l will wait but not as long as you can think
Maybe you want me to go
Then it's nice to bid you goodbye


  • what does the L stand for? this touches my heart and makes me wanna cry

    Mar 22, 2022

  • good job 👌

    Mar 24, 2022

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