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As always my responsibilities are finished first, and I walk around the house assessing the Ladies. Isha is in the kitchen cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. I smile it looks amazing our king will be pleased. She catches my presence out the corner of her eye. “Godmother.” She turns and curtsy as I do the same already lowering my head.
“What the hell!?” Max roars through the huge kitchen. It is then that I notice Isha has removed her heels and her face is melted off. I felt my body lift and the next thing I knew I felt our bodies hit each other. He grabbed by leg flinging me across the floor into the parallel wall to the sink. I cry out. Trying to use my skills is no use. We are literally a slave to love. I loose vision for a minute. When I can see it is blurry and spotted. A concussion! That’s great I’ll pay for being easily defeated too. I still fight I claw my way to them on the floor nails bleeding from digging. He’s choking her. I get to my feet ever so slowly. 
“Yield!” I scream out. His eyes snap to me and they are red. He reaches in her chest. “Yield! Yield! Yield! Please Yield!” Not Isha. Not my best friend. I manage not to cry although I might as well be. She let her head fall to where our eyes are locked in. Max and I look at each other. He throws her up. She soars 500 ft in the air through the roof. He come back not 10 ft from where she was thrown back down. 
Splat! She is literally everywhere. He walks to me. More like stalk. He takes a long whiff of me. The smile I do not like is there. “You love her more than me.” It wasn’t a question. I didn’t answer. “Hmp.”  He peers into my eyes a little longer and then he’s gone. I wave my hand not putting her back together. He will sense it but enough to aid her.
“You just pissed him off.” Her lips whisper as I retrieve them from in the sink. It’s impossible to get her blood which mean I have to clean up before he comes back. I’m sure he’s coming back. I thought he was gone hunting. I seen him off. 
She gets enough strength back in time to help me and to even prepares a couple racks of lamb for a snack. Isha says a best way to a man’s heart and mind is through the stomach. She hasn’t been wrong before. I hear him enter our home. “Madam!” He calls me I enter the dining hall. He has two glasses of wine and the bottle not even half gone beside him. “Drink with me.” Without hesitation i pick up the cup. We toast. I drink. It’s dark.
I wake up sitting which is odd because we were standing. I’m not in my chair at the end of table Im three feet from our king. He is eating the meat Isha prepared and looks happy. I sigh on the inside this girl knows. Although I thought she made four but I see five plates. Odesa comes out the kitchen with more wine and a napkin. This last lamb looks bigger than the others but more slender. Come to really look it looks nothing like the others. My eyes widen as he takes the last bite in realization. He takes the bag of ale from his belt loop and pours it down the lower half of his face.
“Look at that!” He smiles. “My stomach and heart do feel better.” He stands and begins to walk away, grabbing my whole head dragging me. I watch parolized as Odesa removed the plates and bones, including my best friend. She looks terrible. It is my turn to be punished for my slip ups.


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