A Sad Day.... Read Count : 53

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These last couple weeks have been consumed by infection. 
My life has become toxic, and desperate for affection.
I feel blue, heartless,  and devoured by my own solitude. 
I pretend to show some gratitude.
For I know your kindness was nothing but trickery. 
I'm tired of trying and sick of crying. 
I can't keep this up, I feel like I'm dying. 
The tears keep coming as I try to wipe them away. 
I feel I've done all I could, but forget to ask myself why do I stay? 
As I lay in bed, I wrap my arms around me and begin to sway. 
If feels good, like I'm not alone today. 
As the night goes on.
I weep in my pillow and drift off to sleep to a love song. 
It makes me feel a little bit of happiness.
And not so heartless. 


  • Mar 21, 2022

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