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I was alive just the day before. 
But the things you said we're like a knife sinking in to the core. 
I feel lost and overwhelmed, or more so dead inside. 
Once upon a time ago it was only you in which I could confide. 
Now things have changed and I feel as though I can't come back. 
You made me see my soul as cold and black. 
I will never be the same. 
I don't know how much more my mind can play this game. 
I never win.  
Just reminded of how I am a living sin.  
I can see it on everyone's faces their victory grin. 
I just want some one to save me from this prison I'm in. 
I want the voices to be silent. 
I want everyone to not be so violent.
I want happiness and love. 
Some to make feel as free as a dove. 
But instead I look at this rope hanging from above. 
This is the answer, I say to myself sobbing. 
I don't even care if anyone finds me, I'll just be here rotting. 


  • Mar 21, 2022

  • Mar 21, 2022

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