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I know i said crying is for the weaks but hey
Its time i stop being a strong rock that never cracks😑its time to let it all out for keeping it in will only make it cease for a left without a word and i stayed mad not sad

I wasnt enough to make you stay,i may have been  the reason to your sudden disappearance but im not gonna put the blame on me i know more than that.....if ever i get the chance to see you i would make sure that i make you my enemy

Im not gonna apologise or feel sorry if anything happens to me cause i deserve it if i were to punish my heart for falling then i would have removed it from pumping blood cause it keeps on matter how hard times get i will never run like a coward but we dont think alike....

Im not gonna keep on hurting i will heal if it happens that we meet again i will pass you like a stranger for i will forget all about you like an umbrella in a are on of the late people imma live since i have buried all the memories....


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