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I sat next to her. We were both waiting for the next bus because the first one had filled to capacity and left. I was not in the mood to talk to anybody especially a lady. She broke the ice "you know it could have been you" I pretended I did not hear  (Who does not know that anyway?). "I know you don't wanna go there but you'll still go when your time comes", she continued "last night ua when you thought of your life being meaningless and thought of boarding the bus, I knew it was just hurt, u never meant it" thats how she caught my attention because no one was there last night, Or so I thought. Before I could say a word she proceeded " all the people who force themselves onto the bus begs me to let them go once the bus starts moving. They plead they will never take their 'stay' for granted again. I let some go and sometimes I dont depending on the mood" thats when She told me who she was. She was the conductor of the buses that take people to the next life. She sees, hears everything because she is always with us. According to her the saddest passengers are the ones who really never lived. 'Alive but not living', scared to take risks, scared to express themselves. The other sad part is that those are the majority of the passengers. I asked her several questions, at a certain point another empty bus came, filled and left. She said "its not your turn yet, but don't be comfortable"  I realized I cant hate her, she is not a bad person, she is just doing her job. "How do you make one board the bus" I asked...."when I shake their hands or give them a kiss....and sometimes they...". A bus interrupts,fills and leaves.This one has a few passengers I know. They all look sad and their eyes scream regrets. So sad and pity. 

It was getting late and when I excused myself and thanked her for the beautiful conversation, she extended her hand and tried to kiss me. "Please not today,please", I begged  "I really haven't lived either" 

She said "go, it is not your time yet. Go and live because I have been generous to you but know that I will still come for that hand shake one day. I hope you will be one of the happy passengers" 

I started heading away but then I got curious and looked back. She was still there like she expected it. 

"One more thing Mis Conductor, when I asked how you make people board the bus you said you kiss them or shake their hands, you were about to say something when the bus interrupted"

"It is Mis Death" she continued "and Oh sometimes they come kiss me themselves" 



  • Mar 20, 2022

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