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Have you ever felt like you don't belong
Where even if things are going right it feels wrong
So you tried to escape by writing another song
as you try to follow your heart and soul
Reaching your dreams is the goal
But your anxiety won't quit
All you want is to
Just to be free of the pain
Trying not to go insane
Convincing yourself this time you can maintain
Feeling deep sorrow and endless shame
you only got one person
That is to blame
That is yourself because you can't sustain
Mental health leaving marks that will permanently remain
From Too many years of trauma done to the brain
My life will never be the same
I'll never feel happy ever again
No longer have my daughter is my life
I won't sugarcoat to try pretend
Like I'm going to be okay
Goodbye I didn't get even a chance to say
So I will drown in my grief
Till I die one day one day
From suffering deep inside
Body's covering pain I can't hide
Even though you can't see
I'm never going to again be 
That girl that once was me
A compassionate, forgiving and loving person that trys to do right
That side of me died tonight
Traumatized by others my whole life
I no longer see any hope
There's no light
 Leaving me in the darkness of the night
I give up on this fight
To my girls I  love you
Have sweet dreams


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