Stressful Premonition Read Count : 39

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The accusations driving the situation to a higher elevation to another level, closer to the sun the brighter the fire becomes in the end I'll see it all as 
I start to fall.
 Should have learned from the first time I was burned
Flying to close to the sun and how hard is the fall to lose it all and trying to Walk tall as a broken man with no support to Carry on.
Every time it's a new road I'm trying to pave it with broken stones from the nightmares I walked before with the
Memories that remanice in a haunted dream of the vision of the end of this new calmity.
Trying to break the chains the ones that bind me to repeating the same mistakes as I create the hell with no escape.
Echoes of my cries from long ago catching up with the dreams warning me but I don't listen to the whispers telling me to run for the door I can't take it anymore. I live my life firthermore it'll be the end that's for sure


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