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You’ve got an ego.
Got to let that shit crumble. 
Stop searching for your validation.
There is honor in being humble.

My demons used to scream,
now they only mumble.
No longer allowed to mock me,
every time I stumble.

I’m tossing you advice,
and every time you fumble.
Was gonna keep my two cents,
but I’m sick of hearing you grumble.

You have arrogance, ego, and pride.
Get a discount on your bundle?
Your self-satisfaction spreads,
so fast it might be fungal.

I say this shit because I care,
and life is a bad-ass jungle.
If you want to be a jungle bad-ass in it,
then you got to get ready to rumble. 

I know you know these things, 
You’ve just got your head up in a jumble.
Somewhere inside you’re a person who knows,
That there is honor in being humble. 

~ Rachel G. Ezell


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