I Feel As Though I Am Stuck Out On Twig Of A Limb Off A Cliff Read Count : 81

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                   As I am laying here look back on my path of life, I'm very confused on how I had gotten this far in life as well as how the hell I had lost so many people in which I love and care about long the way just to be now feeling alone stranded on a small Twig of a limb that is hanging off the side of a giant cliff with nobody around for miles to even to think or to even consider to come to my aid let alone to even hear a simple scream or someone who is crying for someone to come along to rush to my aid why does everyone think that I have strong superior type powers that I can get through anything and anything as well as do anything and everything all by myself without anyone's help? When I too I'm human at least the last time I had looked in the mirror I was human anyways what is so wrong with me for me to be laying here reflecting on my path of life just to feel like I am stranded out on a Twig of limb hanging off a huge cliff in the middle of nowhere?

                WRITTEN: MARCH 14,2022


  • Quite a few blunders here, but the message is clear.

    Mar 15, 2022

  • Mar 15, 2022

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