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every moment that you have been away

Has been filled with pain

I'm talking to my loved ones
 every one of you the same

I wish I never put the needle in my viens 

For pieces of my soul barely remained

To where now it's the only thing
 that takes away the pain.

Which makes a bad day harder to maintain

Figuring out how to be stronger to sustain 

It's a catch 22 standing in the rain

I miss feeling loved and held tight

From big bear hugs that gave me the courage to fight

Been lost so long in the dark

That's hard to get used to the light

I'm used to being alone now

Even to myself that all I can say is "wow"

It was a journey that I had to take

All alone that is how I've grown

There's no possibility to go around it or try to fake

I paid a high cost

I lost my high stakes

Everyone in their life makes mistakes

It's what we do after that defines who we are

We're not defined by the wound but for how we handled mending the scar

I miss looking up at at the night sky gazing at the stars

Thinking to myself that life can be very hard

And if you're not careful you'll lose who You are

You got to hold on tight everyday

Even when you don't want to you have to find a way

To just get through that second and then everything will be okay

I know cuz I struggle with it every second of every day


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