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I pull on my dress like I do everyday. I look in my mirror. A tear attempted an escape and I slapped myself, better me than him. I run my hands one more time over my dress and exit my room. I make my way down the hall, knocking on every door. At the head of stairs I stop and turn back. The doors have been opened and one by one the ladies step out. Ten minutes until eight in the morning. 

I say their names in my head as I see each of them.I bob my head in time with each name. I grew sad when the last name came to my head but there was no head to match. Marsha. “Where is Marsha?” 

It is now two minutes until eight. She stumbles out the room fixing her dress and a panic like manner. “Present Godmother”, she said out of breath.

I looked her over. “Our King wants eight scrambled eggs, two lines of sausages, 12 Strips of bacon, 4 sweet buns, grits, 5 biscuits, and orange juice. Do not forget the essentials.” She smirked. My eyebrow dropped for a split second. She will not last. 

“So heart attack.” Every girl heads left attention for the first time. We all looked at her. I began to open my mouth but I hear boots. Now this just went from semi-bad to dangerously brutal. I step from the center of the hall to the wall opposite of the stairs, 

“Good morning my king”, I said as duck my head. The ladies followed my actions perfectly. Well all but one. I started to shake a little. She has been here four days she should at least have that down. “I was just getting your breakfast ord—“, the power of his hand caught my face. I started to collapse. No worries, his knee in my gut picked me up. I quickly straightened back up.

“Clean yourself up.” He handed me a rag in a very calm manner. I dabbed my nose as he passed me. He closed the ten feet in between us and the girls in glide. “My heart is hurt by your comment.” He rubbed her jaw line and she clenched. She had not yet met our king. “Take the ladies in the parlor and continue.” He walked back to me as they file out starting from down the long hallway. They pass us one by one going down the stairs. He puts his hand up as Marsha approaches. She stops. He looks at me. “She is new?” I nod once. He rubs her jawline again. With his other hand he waves me off. I turn back halfway down from a scream followed by snarling and growling. She runs toward her room. The king grabs her and throws her in there. I hear her hit something, probably the shelves of books. He grunts and starts to ascend upon the door. His snarling and breathing getting faster. I turn and hurry down the stairs as the door slammed. As I turn into the parlor I hear her cries and screams. I stand right past the entry way. Of course he doesn’t want me to tell the girls anything. She was the only one that had not met him. The only one that didn’t know him or the rules of the house. She broke eight in three seconds. Poor child. 

We stood in a wide circle listening as he would want us to do. They are all keeping a good composure, but I can tell most are struggling to do so. He will like that. We listen as her screams get louder. As the banging shakes the structure of the house harder and harder. His growls deepen becoming more wild. Pretty soon all we hear is the banging. I hear her heart stop beating. The banging continues but is dying. The tear that fought earlier escaped. We all let our heads fall in a quickness to mourn her innocence before he exited the room. He swung open the door and started his transition to us. We hear him as he changes from the beastly creature back to himself. He enters smiling. “Continue ladies, I assume my breakfast is ready now?” He is walking the circle so he doesn’t notice my eyes grow. I quickly flung my hand quickly toward the kitchen. He doesn’t like this but at least it will be all on me instead of falling to Isha. He exits the room. 

“Alright ladies move.” We all scurry to our responsibilities. I head back up the stairs. I enter the doorway as Marsha heartbeat comes back. He did a number on her. Her flesh is ripped from its structure and her body his twisted. He midsection stares at me. She opens her eyes in fear. Breathing heavy as her body fixes itself. I put a noted rope in her mouth to stop the screaming. She doesn’t want him to come back.  She looks at me. “We do not speak about our king and his choices. Besides giving directions we do not talk in the morning. U must be standing outside your door every morning before 7:50. The king must be through eating by 8:30 which he will not be. I’m pretty sure we’ll pay for that error together. “She is blinking fast but I know she will remember. I did. “Does any of this sound familiar.” She looked at me tears in her eyes, completely healed. I pick her up by her throat.”We do not cry!” I squeezed tighter “He hates that more than anything.” I could tell all this was familiar knowledge by the nod of her head. So the error was in explaining importance and punishment. I put her down. Of course it wasn’t explained. It was a rule violation. 

He loved to have an excuse not that it mattered to him either way. I wave my hand fixing her dress, and applying make up. I got chores I can’t spend all day fixing her. I am sure he will understand. I finish explaining the rules in my way and send her to find Isha. It’s time for an update with master on the girls.

 I have not got to look at them personally. I grab my head and each of them comes time letting me see what they are doing. I exit the room and head toward his stairs in the west wing. I make it. I tap the door very soft as he likes. I wait for his permission to enter. As always he makes me wait 20 minutes so that I know I’m on his time. “Come in.” I role my eyes and enter. Grut is here. 

“Hello my lady.” He said through moldy rotten teeth. Stupid pirate. I grabbed for my hand. Max reach out and grabbed his. His form started to tower. I heard every bone in his hand break. I enjoyed that but we needed to get started. I rush to him making myself trip on the Carpet right into his chest. I should be an actress.

“My king! Oh please can not bare the sight of you upset.” I cooned and whined as I stroked his chest.  He looked at me. I looked at him. I continued to stroke his chest. His form started to minimize although he didn’t go back to regular size. I knew what that meant. I would not leave right after the meeting. His he snapped back to Gust and a low growl came out. He put his hand up as if to say sorry. His eyes are full of fear. My king starts to laugh.

“You are right.” He looked at me. “I know you would never betray me” he rubbed my head. The very hand he had just used to crush another man spun me around. Now my back is in his chest. I tremble and he knows why. “You are lucky she is here.” Back to business. “You got the loot.” Gust takes out a bag full of golden coins and chunk them on a desk. Max looks at the coins and his eyebrow frowns. Gust quickly chunks to more bags on the table. They look to be 5 pound sized bags. His eyebrow relaxes. “You can go.” He leaves. I follow him to the fore to shut it behind him. As soon as the door latches I feel him behind me. I jump. “ Dont do that you know I love you.” He kisses the back of neck and traces my spine as he undoes my corset. I can not lie I am relieved considering the alternative. While he is distracted I touch my head. I am no longer there. I sit in the field that as on down the way. It is a beautiful field. Nothing but green. I miss it. I miss home.

The night starts to come which means he is finishing. I touch my head as soon as the sun is gone. I’m back in his office bed. My body aches and I can feel every wound. He took it very easy. I already know the procedure but he tells me again. I lay there looking at ceiling. Listening to tonight’s plan, the same plan we’ve repeated every full moon for over 20,000 years.  He grabs my chin and turns me to face him. He jerk and holds me in place getting his grip getting tighter. I nod once . He smiles then grabs me by my hair pulling me out bed. He forces me on my knees and let me go. I can not touch my head his eyes don’t leave me. I watch his eyes as he transforms. I just look at him. Why do I have to love such an evil man. 

Marsha is chosen of course. I call her to me. “You must go down by the done and kiss the frog sitting my the pink flower. Kiss him and this place will seems as if it was just a nightmare. He is your prince. A kind soul tricked by a witch. Go! Go! Go! Hurry before he is gone. I watch from my window until she is a speck. I turn to my mirror wiggle my fingers and it is like I’m there with her. It is night now. By her stride I know she hoped every word I said was true. 

She arrives at the pond. Stumbling right beside the flower and the frog. “My princess you came. Kiss me and I will turn human and we will run away together.” This is it. This is exactly what I promised her as her Godmother.  She says nothing instead she spins around wit the frog twice smiling. With no hesitation she kissed him. A huge black puff of smoke exploded in her eyes. She dropped her hand. Standing in front of her was gust. Who although is not bigger than our king he is still huge. His wide structure was there and his huge stomach looked her in the face. She looked at his evil smiled and screams. She tries to run he grabs her. “Boys we got a runner!” One by one. Smoke by smoke men matching Gust description replace all the other frogs. Their naked bodies approached her and the fear grew in her eyes. I watched and listened as they continued. I turned the mirror off by man number seven. Only half through. 

The next morning I sigh as I go back to the pond as I have a trillions times. I see her body I stop. I remember the white dress. If not for my power I’d be like her right now. Messed up part is I was jealous. Her head was not far from her body and heart hung out. So Max was here as well. I mourn her and think to myself why did you have to piss him off, my daughter.



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