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No one gets it, because you don't tell them.
It's hard to.
How do you tell people you've been raped quite a lot in your youth? 
How do you tell them there are shadows that hover, and encircle when you try to sleep?
How do you say you don't believe in yourself anymore without seeming like you're looking for attention?
How do you say you're not well without being a bother?
How do you tell them about everything you whitnessed growing up?
How do you say you've felt half dead your whole life because your brother tried to kill you when you were younger?
How do you say you tried to protect them, but you couldn't because you were too small?

Sometimes life is truly messy. If you don't share, the longer you hold it all in, will turn into anger, and an inability to love fully because you don't love yourself fully. Don't hold everything in so long that it destroys you, share what you've been through so others can understand you. 


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