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Memories fading fast
All the happy ones have past
They never seem to last

Worse at night
I try to fight 
Nothing ever goes right

Is there something wrong 
I've been alone way to long
Will I ever belong

Doesn't feel like anyone is there
When I Truly just need them to care
Life is completely unfair

So I numb all the pain
With a needle in my Vien
To keep away feeling insane
From damage done to my brain

Nothing is okay
No words left to say 
Other than stay away

Or my heart is going to shatter
From all the abuse and batter
It no longer even matters

My memories of the life I had
Are the only ones that aren't bad
No wonder I am extremely sad

So don't ask yourself why
Or tell me anymore lies
When I don't say goodbye 


  • Mar 13, 2022

  • true and deep

    Jun 07, 2022

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