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       What would you do if you found out who you were this whole time wasn't what they said. Does this mean I don't exist? Am I real? Then again what is real to begin with. 
     "What a few years it's been!"- I say to myself as I sit here waiting for my alarm to go off. Excited I am to wake my son up as he does have school today. As I sit listening to water flow and twiddle my toes I take a drag off of my cigarette, watching the smoke dance. Looking up at the time it's only been a few minutes. Bringing me this remembering feeling of what it was like to feel this way as a child. 
*[Softly chuckles!]* 
   I begin to ask myself "What am I going to do today?" There is so much to do, but the truth is I just want to hear my son's voice so the answer to that question is "I am not even sure" I found a video this one time I made for him, I watch it continuously as I smile and try not to cry. Lately I've had a lot on my mind but my mind isn't knowing how to process anything. Nothing at all if I'm being honest. 
   When I was younger my dad had done a DNA test to see a family tree, sort of speak. Yet it only led to one thing I can't shake and that is "My DAD and I are COUSINS!" Yes you read that right. Yet that's not the only thing being kept a secret inside the mind of The Girl In Love With Forget-me-nots.


  • Mar 11, 2022

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