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When speaking about air duct cleaning, the first thing that comes to mind is a healthy and clean indoor environment. However, there are some other benefits of HVAC system maintenance cleaning:

Prolonged HVAC System Useful Life

Most HVAC systems last from 15 to 25 years depending on the type of system. That is if your air duct and HVAC system are kept cleaned and well maintained. If neglected for a long period of time, it can lead to permanent damage and breakdowns. It is not necessary to be serviced too often. All you need to do is to know the signs that it needs service cleaning. Insufficient airflow inside the house, unpleasant odor, unusual engine, noise, and too much dust are just some that give you the hints that you need to pick up the phone.

2. Lowered Monthly Electricity Expenses

If you notice that your monthly electric bills are increasing constantly, your HVAC system is most probably the cause. An ill-maintained HVAC system contains dust, dirt, and debris build-up that causes the main engine to function poorly. Since your ducts are accumulated with these, your engine works harder to provide the air needed, thus, more energy is required. For your HVAC system to run smoothly, it has to be checked by professional technicians to repair damages, if any, and clean the inside of the system.
HVAC system checking and cleaning only takes hours to accomplish, especially for providers with years and years of experience like Sem’s Duct Cleaning. If you are in need of our service, we are just one call away. For about 20 years in existence, we always put our best performance to deliver the best outcome.

We are with you in keeping your family safe and free from health-threatening situations.

Trustful Air Duct Cleaning Provider

Over more than 25 years of experience in the field of air duct cleaning, Sem’s experts have perfected their knowledge in order to provide high-quality service to each and every individual. We specialize in:

- residential duct cleaning,

- commercial,

- dryer duct and ventilation cleaning,

- air vent cleaning,

- central vacuum cleaning,

- post construction.

The buildings we serve vary from industrial spaces in Maple and commercial spaces in North York to business offices, gyms, hospitals, and universities.

When hiring Sem’s Duct Cleaning, you can be sure to receive the same quality of service on your first, second or tenth visit. Our reputation speaks for itself. Count on our professionals and, in turn, you will get a cleaner and healthier home whether you live in York or Ajax!

Let Sem’s Duct Cleaning help improve your indoor air quality and allow your loved ones to enjoy the surrounding beauty and the breath of each coming season!


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