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Yeah, let's consider this indefinite
Soul release, rebirth, it's all reaching infinite.

It's highly unusual,
I'm thinking I'm a little delusional
Yet the lyrics keep coming and I'm too stuck in those fucked up residuals.

Yup, I'm back at it
Could say I'm a little bit stuck on it
I can't turn my back to it.
Quite different it hit
I got sick of my own shit
So here I am writing as my teeth start to grit.
Like yeah, here's the new writ
It might not make sense, but I'm sick of this process called self-fucking-defeat.
So here's to the next level where I don't knock myself off my feet. 
Here's something new y'all can tweet,
I'm on some new shit, no more rinse and repeat. 


  • Nice.

    Mar 10, 2022

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