Brutal Stalker Read Count : 43

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Thriller
I picked up my pace as I glanced behind me. 

Why is he following me?

Just play it cool. Act normal. 

Then I felt a cold shiver go straight down my spine and I slowly closed my eyes.

Trying to run away from me, I see? There's no point. You won't get rid of me until you do it.'

'Please, just leave me alone.' I quietly pleaded as other people down the alley started staring at me.

I felt his hand plant itself on my left shoulder.

'Leave me alone!' 

I squealed as I began to pick up my pace again. 

I heard a voice from an old man come from behind me and as I turned around to find a flashlight shining brightly in my eyes. 

'Ma'am, who are you talking to? Are you okay?'

The words of the shadow following me became louder and hungry for more. 

I couldn't take this anymore.

I reached for the knife in my purse and stabbed myself in my throat.

I smiled as I felt a sharp, but soothing pain. 

It's finally over, thank God.


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