The Romantic Night! Read Count : 109

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Adult Romance

My love l can not forget,that night
When we kissed until sunrise
l felt the hot blood of your gentle lips!
And l could not do anything more 
Than whispering under your soft neck
l felt powerless
That little kiss on the neck turned into a thousand kisses

l didn't know that someone could hold me 
So tight that air could not pass
l felt pleased in spirit
Your hands that were busy running 
All over my body made me weak!
l salute you sweetie!

Oh my! You are so romantic
No words can explain this
Not much can be said
l wanted to stay like that forever but 
Then the wind stole you away from me!

That night l felt so pleased 
Calling out your name, pleading
l lost all my pride,l felt your strength
But time was jealous
l wanted more,my darling!
You are so romantic

That night l could feel all the warmth
Oh my love!Oh my love,l need this one 
How can you stop , it's not yet time
The wind is still gentle
"oh my love,the blood of your lips is now cold"
Oh darling l dare not care! l need more

The night was a memory 
l need it,just like that but
The cold stole you from me
My love,Oh my love!


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